Monday, December 17, 2007

Opening Lines

Well, this is it. My first blog on sales. The first thing I'd like to focus on today is cold calling and the mindset that is needed to be successful. You can be a subpar salesperson but still be an excellent cold caller if you
1. Maintain a positive attitude. Don't take the rejections personally.
2. Make the call as warm as possible by reading up on the person and the company you are calling and maybe even finding people you know who might be connected in some way to your prospect.
3. Keep it short and sweet. Stay focused.

I'll share more in detail on each of these 3 steps in the future but this is just to get the engines running.

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Intro to OpenID

OpenID Bootcamp Tutorial

From: daveman692, 4 months ago

Simon Willison and David Recordon's OpenID tutorial from O'Reilly's OSCON 07.

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